Umia Innovation AB In Swedish

People combined with cutting-edge technology and advanced system solutions are the key to business growth and success. Umia Innovation is an experienced partner with a clear focus on its client’s futures – delivering solutions built on processes, technology and leadership.


Strong leadership, efficient organisation and smart technology – the total solution

What creates a successful business? Granted smart IT solutions and the very latest technology play a vital role but it is people and their ability to work together to exploit new opportunities that generate the best results. Without clear leadership and efficient processes even the smartest of smart technology is often not enough. That’s because in today’s business environment everything is better connected. It may sound simple but often the simple solution is the best one.

At Umia Innovation we have accumulated many years of experience working with global businesses, employing our process-oriented working methods to drive development and achieve success. We now share this knowledge with our clients – combining ‘hands-on’ engagement with our passion for helping companies and organisations grow and develop.

Passion – Trust – Loyalty

Your specific industry knowledge together with our expertise of process control and leadership creates a powerful tool for taking the next step in today’s increasingly competitive global business environment.

At Umia Innovation we believe in passion, trust and loyalty. We help train leaders and employees by actively assisting in the development and implementation of process-oriented activities that create efficiencies and job satisfaction.


Processes that are based on reality and that can be improved over time represent process control at its very best. Process-oriented management has the strategic courage to utilise all the collective knowledge that exists – both internally and externally – and use it to cut out unnecessary steps and restructure outdated practices.


Introducing new technological solutions requires preliminary studies and impact assessments. Here a neutral partner with a broad knowledge of product development, automation and system transition can be a cost-effective investment. Our consultants can provide comprehensive support from the research stage all the way through to actual implementation.


Great leaders can often benefit from the support and inspiration of other leaders. Leaders who take the time to understand how a business works and who can approach things from a new perspective. Umia Innovation has accumulated knowledge and experience from a wide range of industries where empowered, process-oriented leadership has laid the foundation for growth and success.